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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Hydrocarbon VI

Chemical Properties:-

Addition Reaction:- Alkyne show electrophilic addition reaction.

Addition of Hydrogen:- Hydrogenation.
Addition of Halogens:-

Addition of hydrogen halides:- Addition reaction of HBr to symmetrical alkenes
Addition reaction of HBr to unsymmetrical alkenes takes place according to Markovnikov Rule.
Markownikov rule:- negative part of the addendum (adding molecule) gets attached to that carbon atom which possesses lesser number of hydrogen atoms. eg

Peroxide effect or Kharasch (Anti Markownikoff’s addition):- In 1933 Kharasch and Mayo observed that when HBr is added to an unsymmetrical double bond in the presence of organic peroxide, the reaction take places opposite to the Markovnikov rule.
Noted:- peroxide  effect  is  applicable only to  HBr and  not to  HF,  HCl and  HI.

Addition of HF, HCl and HI takes place according to Markovnikov’s rule even in the presence of peroxide.

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