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Friday, 27 January 2017

The Living World - Taxonomic Aids.

              Taxonomic Aids:- 
     Techniques, procedures and stored information that are useful in identification and           classification of organisms are called taxonomic aids.

Herbarium- Herbarium is a place where dried and pressed plants specimens, mounted on sheets are kept systematically according to a widely accepted system of classification. The herbarium sheets also carry a label providing information about date and place of collection, English, local and botanical names, family, collector’s name etc.

Botanical garden- They are specialized gardens having collection of living plants for reference. Plants in these gardens are grown for identification purpose and each plant is labelled indicating its scientific name and family. The famous botanical garden includes Royal botanical garden, Kew (London), Indian botanical garden, Kolkata and National botanical garden, Lucknow.

Museums- Biological museum is set up in educational institution like colleges and school for reference purposes. Specimens are preserved in the containers or jars in preservative solutions or as dry specimens. Insects are preserved in insect boxes after collecting, killing and pinning.

Zoological parks- These are the places where wild animals are kept in protected environments under human care and which enable us to learn about their food habits and behavior. Natural habitats are provided as far as possible.

Key- Taxonomic key is an artificial analytic device having a list of statements with dichotomic table of alternate characteristics which is used for identifying organisms. Usually two contrasting characters are used. The one present in the organism is chosen while other is rejected. Each statement of a key is called lead. Separate taxonomic keys are used for each taxonomic category like species, genus, family etc. Keys are generally analytical in nature.

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