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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Averages - Quantitative Aptitude

Average is defined as the ratio of sum of the quantities to the number of quantities.
Average = (x1 + x2 + ... + xn)/n
Points to Note
  • If each number is increased or decreased by a certain value, then the average also increases or decreases by the same value
  • If each number is multiplied or divided by a certain value, then the average also gets multiplied or divided by the same value

Now that you have understood the basic formula for Averages, here is a short video covering the short-cuts and easy methods to solve problems. These techniques are very much applicable when you take up competitive exams where every second is important to you. The chances of error are also very low.
Here is the introduction video by

In this video we will be covering short-cut techniques on Averages
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